South Florida Controls, Inc.


We are an organization with more than 15 years experience in designing, executing and servicing energy management projects.  Our main area of operation is South Florida and the Caribbean where we have completed over 250 installations. Our applications are currently serving a vast variety of facilities throughout the tri county area such Healthcare, Education, Office Buildings, Retail, Banks, Hotels, Military Bases, etc.

The exposure and experience to so many different applications combined with our professional team make South Florida Controls unique when delivering the solution you need. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about us and we hope we to see you soon.


Our organization delivers innovative solutions to help building owners and managers improve their facilities way of life, reduce the consumption of natural, improve reliability, extend the equipment useful life, and create peace of mind for the users.

Energy reduction and Building Optimization

System Integration

Critical System Monitoring and Services

Tracking the Energy consumption and detecting the problem early is what makes our monitoring services valuable. Our central facility monitors multiple system performance 24 hours a day and our technical staff responds to any alarms.  By adding the monitoring service to our Technical Support Programs, we are able to provide a complete emergency response service.

We develop customized software applications that in conjunction with our full range of products have produced aggressive energy savings. Our fully programmable system enables advanced energy management/consumption strategies that can be tailored to your energy management or environmental needs.

We integrate systems from different protocols and vendors. In order to reduce energy and training costs and increase system efficiency, it is essential for customers that have multiple control brands in different facilities to unify them under one head end.  Our company has deployed custom gateways for power monitoring, energy management, chillers, boilers, air handler units, cooling towers, lighting systems, elevator, security card access, CCTV and fire alarm to share a seamless infrastructure.


Greater Cause:

We started this company with the goal of building a place where my team and I could do what we love most: innovative thinking, creation of new things, and delivery of new ideas to our customers; a company where employees could feel proud of what they do.


To create a place where people can grow and become better human beings allowing them to develop into successful professionals. To build a place in which individuals are continuously improving themselves.



Create an organization where we can deliver products that exceed our customer's expectations and our services are far superior to those offered by our competitors.

Simply be the best.


We believe that building a healthy organization gives us the ultimate competitive advantage in todays market. Being healthy means that everyone in our organization works as a team in a great professional environment to achieve a common goal. We invite you to learn more about our values and if you feel that this is the place that you want to build your professional career apply online and we will get back to you shortly.


Self disciplined

Pride of ownership

Willingness to repeat a behavior or task a hundred times

Sense of Urgency

Team spirit

Core Values:

Have a sense of purpose beyond martial gain

Have sense of Pride for being the best

Have passion for innovation

Have a competitive spirit

Be faithful

Develop positive thinking

Be willing to take the garbage out

Be humble and passionate to serve others.

Permission to Play:



Respect for others

Treat others in the manner you would like to be treated

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