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South Florida Controls

As a 15-year partner with Delta, one of the largest manufacturers of building automation systems, South Florida Controls brings some of the most energy efficient and sustainable solutions to South Florida and the Caribbean. As industry leaders, our track record includes delivering dependable and user-friendly building control solutions to commercial, healthcare, education, leisure buildings and more.

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Energy management

Keeping energy costs and carbon footprint size down, while maintaining a healthy, productive environment, makes your facility more valuable. South Florida Controls offers complete end-to-end energy management solutions. From meters, to public displays, to sophisticated dashboard based management software, South Florida Controls has the right products to reduce consumption and save money.

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Lighting Controls

From new construction with Delta Controls UL certified relay panels, to bringing an existing building’s relay panels up to today’s technology with South Florida Controls is simple.  Easily updating a panel to a Delta Control system will allow better control strategies such as occupancy, photocell, astronomical clock, and common area control.  This allows the use of the same occupancy scheduling as the HVAC applications.

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Access Control

As buildings become smarter, networks can become increasingly difficult to manage. With a single integrated network, South Florida Controls can provide access control solutions that are reliable, responsive, and easier to manage. With management software, IP cameras, doors, and other field devices integrated into one network, South Florida Controls access control solutions make building operators’ lives easier.

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Integration is the art of combining two or more systems seamlessly and true integration is the seamless sharing of data, without the duplication. Integration can be achieved in a number of ways. Using various systems, South Florida Controls builds an understanding of your integration needs and provides many possibilities, such as HVAC, access control, energy meters, lighting, chiller package data, speed drives, asset tagging, databases, etc.  


We can help you implement and maintain centralized networked Energy Management Systems that monitor core building facility systems such as electricity, lighting, plumbing, HVAC, water supply and more.

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Industries We Help

We are an organization with more than 15 years experience in designing, executing and servicing energy management projects in the south Florida and Caribbean regions with over 250 successful installations in such industries as: