What We Offer

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Our Process

Our organization delivers innovative solutions to help building owners and managers improve their facilities way of life, reduce the consumption of natural, improve reliability, extend the equipment useful life, and create peace of mind for the users.

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Audit & Review

A facility audit covers all building systems from HVAC and electrical, to building envelope, elevators, and life safety. It can also address technology, energy conservation strategies accessibility. Most audits include a survey of regulatory compliance and ongoing operational practices.

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Pre-Construction Services

The Preconstruction Services offering applies to technical assistance and resources to project design team for discussions and cost reduction methods on building automation, lighting controls, smoke control, access control and network infrastructure systems.

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Coordination and Fabrication

Our team of low voltage technicians and installers plus our panel fabrication shop allows South Florida Controls to minimize down time and errors in the field with our panel verification process. Quality Assurance is built into every completed component with our SFP’s (Standard Fabrication Procedure). These SFP’s along with our project scheduling software allows South Florida Controls to meet even the most stringent requirements and schedules.

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Analytics and Preventative Services

The CopperCube is an on-site trend log archiver that manages trend logs on an EMS network. CopperTree Kaizen is an analytics engine that provides system-centric reporting with fault prioritization, outcome-based system performance metrics (KPIs), and an actionable insight management portal with historical activity tracking, essential features designed to empower facility management with a proactive maintenance strategy.


Four Core Functions

When managing mechanical systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, lighting systems, security systems or surveillance systems, there are four core functions we seek to control:

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Complete building environment

South Florida Controls with Delta can deliver an unprecedented system of dashboards and apps that can be entirely customized to present your data how and when you want.  We effortlessly connect to all your facilities under one login, without having to create a giant, unmanageable network.  Bringing all your buildings and all your systems into one facility management umbrella saves engineering and maintenance time, and allows operators to work efficiently because they don’t have to use multiple unconnected systems.

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Building optimization and energy reduction

Adaptive and self-learning, Building Optimization identifies HVAC operations corrections and improvements, and then implements required changes without human interaction. Building facilities are optimized 24/7/365 based on changing weather patterns, utility rates, demand response activities, and more. Powerful analytics evaluate performance, comfort, energy, and maintenance data to identify prioritized areas for improvement and to validate repairs for optimal building performance.


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System performance monitoring

South Florida Controls takes system performance to the next level. We help you identify and implement optimization measures that improve your productivity. This may include the training of your staff, re-commissioning of your systems and outsourcing of certain tasks, thus maximizing the outcome of your systems. Depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the customer, we can either make a timely recommendation explaining the potential impact and suggested action, or effectively perform the necessary actions with an on-site technician or with our Service Center via remote connection.

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Critical system alerts

South Florida Controls can provide an alarm management tool that is made simple with intelligent visualizations and automatic presentation of trends and related items. We can organize and structures the alarm system allowing operators to manage alarms from multiple sites more easily.

  • Alarm management is simplified with filtering and management features.

  • E-mail notification may be set up based on a customizable filter. Multiple notification rules may also be setup on a per user basis.

  • Acknowledge multiple alarms and set parameters on multiple alarms concurrently.